03 Mar 2023
Equestrian Success

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Molly B had a great outing at the start of the year winning her class on her pony Wendy and Olivia B and Anna O’BH have both stepped up a level.

In show jumping news; Olivia B won the 70cm class and Anna O’BH came 2nd in the 75cm’s and then 7th in her first 80-85cm class. It was her first competition at this height on her very hairy pony Anthony and we are extremely proud.

In other news, Olivia B went to an Arena Eventing competition before half term ands was in the top 10 for both classes. It was her first time jumping these rustic fences on her new pony and they very much held their own. Olivia also did her first 80cm class and really enjoyed it.

Amelie L, Maisie B and Ava H have been training hard and we are looking forward to meeting Maisie and Ava’s new ponies very soon!